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About HCPS

The Government has long supported activities relating to health promotion and preventive care.  In order to create synergy and provide more flexibility in the support of health and medical research and health promotion efforts, the Health Care and Promotion Fund was incorporated into the Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) and renamed as Health Care and Promotion Scheme (HCPS) in 2017-18.  The incorporation helps facilitate the increasing focus of generating evidence from community-based research and the translation of scientific research into real life practice.  The funding ceiling is also increased to allow projects to be implemented in larger scale with more capacity for community participation.

The HCPS is managed by the Research Council (RC), which is advised by the Grant Review Board (GRB). The Research Fund Secretariat provides administrative and logistic support to the RC and the GRB.

All grant applications meeting the ambits of the HCPS are welcome.