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About HMRF


The HMRF was created in December 2011 with an injection of $1 billion by consolidating the former Health and Health Services Research Fund and the former Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases. In May 2016, the Legislative Council Finance Committee approved to increase the commitment of the HMRF by $1.5 billion to $2.9 billion.
In order to create synergy and provide more flexibility in the support of health and medical research and health promotion efforts, the HMRF and the Health Care and Promotion Fund (HCPF) were consolidated on 28 April 2017, with the HCPF renamed as Health Care and Promotion Scheme (HCPS).
The HMRF aims to build research capacity and to encourage, facilitate and support health and medical research to inform health policies, improve population health, strengthen the health system, enhance healthcare practices, advance standard and quality of care, and promote clinical excellence, through the generation and application of evidence-based scientific knowledge in health and medicine. It also provides funding support to evidence-based health promotion projects that help people adopt healthier lifestyles by enhancing awareness, changing adverse health behaviours or creating a conducive environment that supports good health practices.
The Research Council (RC) is responsible for providing strategic steer for funding health and medical research projects and health promotion projects.  The RC is supported by the Referee Panel, Grant Review Board and Grant Review Board Executive as the technical arm.  The Research Fund Secretariat provides administrative and logistic support to the RC, and their constituent boards and panels.  
All grant applications meeting the thematic priorities are welcome. I hope you will find the resources within this website helpful. If you have any comments, we will be pleased to receive them at