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Standard Conditions


Applicants are strongly recommended to read the Standard Conditions of Grant in the Guidance Notes - Grant Application for Investigator-initiated Projects.

If your application is approved, the Principal Applicant and the Institution are required to sign an Agreement covering the terms and conditions of the research project. You are strongly advised to read and understand the terms and conditions under which funding is provided in addition to the rights and obligations of the signatories.

This section sets out the general conditions under which the Research Council (RC) may offer to support a research project. Non-compliance with these terms and conditions may result in the suspension of the grant and/or the principal applicants' future applications.

General Terms and Conditions

  • The project shall be carried out by or under the general direction of the person named in the Application Form as the principal applicant who shall be responsible for the scientific oversight and management of the project.
  • The RC will withdraw the grant if the project does not commence within 6 months of the grant approval date.
  • The principal applicant and the administering institution are responsible for ensuring that the project is completed within the financial limits of the grant and must advise the RC immediately of any occurrence which may prejudice the completion of the project.
  • The administering institution shall be responsible for the provision of the basic facilities required to support the project.
  • The principal applicant and the administering institution shall submit progress, interim, final and dissemination reports, certified financial statements and/or audited accounts as required by the RC.
  • The principal applicant and the administering institution are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring compliance with all conditions contained in this section.