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Amendment of Approved Projects

The terms and conditions of the contractual agreement covering approved research projects may not be amended in anyway without the written consent of the Government. In particular:

  • any change of substance in the objectives and methodology of the project;
  • any change of the principal applicant, co-applicants and the administering institution;
  • any change of the approved budget total for each category (Staff, Equipment, Other Expenses) of the grant given in the application Form or the accumulated spending of any individual item within a category exceeds (a) 10% of the budget of that item or (b) the ceiling for that item as set out in the grant policy;
  • any change of the type of project staff under approved Staff budget given in the application form;
  • any change in the duration / commencement date / end date of the project must receive the written consent of the Government in advance.

Amendments other than those listed above should also be communicated to the Research Fund Secretariat as soon as possible. The Secretariat reserves the right to accept, modify or reject any proposal amendment.