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Funding Policy


The Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) aims to build research capacity and to encourage, facilitate and support health and medical research to inform health policies, improve population health, strengthen the health system, enhance healthcare practices, advance standard and quality of care and promote clinical excellence, through generation and application of evidence-based scientific knowledge derived from local research in health and medicine.  It also provides funding support to evidence-based health promotion projects that help people adopt healthier lifestyles by enhancing awareness, changing adverse health behaviours or creating a conducive environment that supports good health practices.


The HMRF invites health and medical research proposals in the following areas:

  • Public health, human health and health services (e.g. primary care, non-communicable diseases, Chinese medicine, etc.);
  • Prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases, in particular emerging and re-emerging infectious disease;
  • Advanced medical research in specific fields, including paediatrics, neuroscience, clinical genetics and clinical trials; and
  • Health promotion projects that facilitates mobilisation of local resources to promote good health and prevention of illness in the community.