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Assessment Criteria and Rating a Grant Application


Applications are reviewed by the Grant Review Board (GRB).  The funding decision made by the Research Council (RC) is final.  Assessment criteria include:

  • Potential impact in response to the health needs of the target local community;
  • Scientific evidence of effectiveness of the proposed health promotion activities;
  • Innovation;
  • Relevance to the thematic priorities;
  • Feasibility of the proposal;
  • Evaluation plan of programme effectiveness;
  • Cross-sector collaboration, in particular collaboration between NGOs and tertiary institutions;
  • Track record of the applicants and the administering institution;
  • Justification of requested budget;
  • Impact and sustainability of the programme; and
  • Potential in building community capacity in health promotion.


Rating a Grant Application

Each reviewer will assign a rating ranging from 4 (Recommended for support) to 1 (Not supported) to each application to indicate the recommendation.  The overall rating for each application will be discussed and finalised in the GRB meeting.  The overall rating is defined as follows:

4 - Recommended for support Nil or very minor issues to address only
3 - Recommended for support subject to clarifications/ amendments Minor revision and clarification required for a successful delivery
2 - Not recommended for support at present Major revision required for significant improvement
1 - Not supported Minimal impact / flaw in project design/ incomplete application/ out of scope of the scheme