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HCPF Thematic Priorities 2009


Priority for funding is given to applications targeting underprivileged groups who are at risk of ill-health, and health promotion programmes carried out in primary care settings .

Higher funding priorities will be accorded to the following thematic areas:

I. Tobacco control

  • Empowering youth, women or high-pressure career workers to abstain from smoking
  • Motivating smokers to cease smoking

II. Lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity

  • Enhancing government initiatives toward healthy eating and regular physical exercise
  • Equipping the younger generation to adopt healthy lifestyle practices, for example, avoiding unhealthy habits, dangerous sex and maintaining healthy body mass index

III. Mental well-being

  • Promoting awareness of the importance of positive mental health, and early detection and treatment of mental health problems
  • Equipping underprivileged groups with the knowledge and skills in stress management
  • Reducing stigma associated with mental health problems

IV. Injury prevention

  • Engaging the community in reducing injury related to falls and transport accidents
  • Preventing unintentional injuries in children

Applications which fall outside these priorities will still be considered, although they will have a lower funding preference. The closing date of applications is July 31, 2009.