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Funding Policy



The Health Care and Promotion Scheme (HCPS) provides funding support to evidence-based health promotion projects that help people adopt healthier lifestyles by enhancing awareness, changing adverse health behaviours or creating a conducive environment that supports good health practices.

Funding Scope

The HCPS invites innovative proposals addressing specific areas of health promotion listed in the thematic priorities which should contain a set of coordinated programmes leading to promotion of good health and prevention of illness in the community.  The suggested health promotion work should be based on scientific evidence and evaluated in a systematic way.  Collaborations between tertiary institutions and community organisations are highly encouraged to generate new evidence-based practice which can be applied in our local community.

Funding Duration and Amount

Grants are normally awarded for periods of up to 2 years.  They are primarily intended to cover the direct costs attributable to the initiative or programme.  In general, contributions will not be made towards the indirect costs of projects.

The normal fund ceiling for a project is $1,200,000.  Funding is on a one-off basis.  Supplementary funding or resubmission for funding will normally not be considered.

Nature of projects to be supported:

  • Programmes that are proven to be effective and appropriate to meet the needs of the targeted groups in the proposed community setting;
  • Programmes that have excellent potential in building community capacity in health promotion, engaging the community through partnership and mobilising local resources and empowering the community to participate in decision that affect health;
  • Programmes that are sustainable; and
  • The programmes should not be profit making.  Any revenue generated from the programmes must be re-invested into the projects.